Friday, December 12, 2008

Vintage Friday

Today's vintage post is my Christmas tree. This is one of four trees I put up each year, this one is in my bedroom. In the past this tree was decorated with red lights wrapped around the inside, feather boas wrapped around the outside and no oraments. The lights made the most beautiful designs on the ceiling when all the other lights were out. This year I started collecting vintage ornaments and I needed a tree to put them on. This seemed the right place. I changed to multi-colored lights and added tinsel. I love the way it looks. I want to contiue to add to my collection of ornaments and use them on this tree.

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your tree is lovely. I, too, started collecting vintage ornaments this year and we have a tree covered in them. Normally, I put up a tree covered with Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. This is so much easier. Have a nice weekend. Twyla

Susan said...

Hello Becca, I remember when I put up multiple trees all over the house. Now its only two. I hope you find many old ornaments for your collection. I LOVE the stockings you made (previous post). Thanks for your sweet comment and stopping by. I'll be back for more of yours. Hugs, Susan