Monday, September 29, 2014

Quilt Camp

This past weekend I had my own private quilt camp (without the tasty food). I made this quilt top using Carrie Bloomston's Paint collection. It is one of my new favorites, love this quilt. I also made pillows from two blocks I made years ago with Thangles. I did not like using them so I stopped at two blocks. I added a border to unify them, sewed on a back and their finished.

I also had time to make a make-up bag and a snap pouch from the Paint fabric. I gave this to a young lady at my church. As always with quilt camp I have a project I didn't finish. I wanted to make a couple small pumpkins but never got around to it. I do think it was a successful weekend of sewing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scrappy Happy

The first round of the first six blocks in my scrappy quilt. Fabric is leftover from quilts I made two years ago for Kylie, Abbie and Lilie. It's been sitting in a box just waiting for me to find a home for it. Now I have.