Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Projects

I worked on my needlepoint and scrapbooks all weekend. I finished one scrapbook for my niece and another for my sister. I'm giving my niece a book for Mother's Day. I didn't put any pictures in it, I just put the book together. It is about her daughter. All she has to do is put in 5 or 6 pictures and do a little journaling. The other book is a Christmas gift for my sister. I would like to make one for each of my sisters this year. I would also like to make one for each of my children, that's why I'm working on them now. I also did a lot of needlepoint. I would like to finish both purse fronts before June. I ran out of Grandeur so I have to wait until Wednesday to buy some. I can work on the backround for the house purse. I am ready to move on to a new project but I have to finish these first. I also need to finish the pieces I am doing for my granddaughters. So many things I want to do!

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