Thursday, April 3, 2008

Choosing a name

Choosing a name for my blog was easy. A few months ago my friend, Jen, started giving me stitching pieces she picked up at antique shops. One piece in particular is a stamped tablecloth to embroider. The original price tag for $1.99 was still on it. I want to embroider this piece and use it on my table. I will stitch the piece in honor of the original owner. My sister has a tablecloth that my mother started years ago and never finished. I'd like to finish this piece also. I will restore their legacy. Finishing these projects and others like them link me to these women. I like the idea of tradition and this is a tradition I can keep for them. I have a lot of projects in mind to finish. I am really enjoying this new journey.

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H said...

And by you teaching my children how to sew and giving them a passion for crafts, they are restoring your legacy.