Friday, January 7, 2011

Vintage Friday and a new finish

My friend Jan gave me this mending kit with handmade pouch. She found when she was going through her mother's sewing box. I have no idea how old they are however I'm pretty sure her mom made the little pouch.

I finished this Sisters and Best Friends pattern this morning. I had started it in 2003 with Gloriana thread. I pulled out the little I had done and started over with the threads listed on the pattern. It went very quickly, I really enjoyed the beading. It is from the "old stash" and I've already started something new.


Maaike said...

Hi Becca, this is beautiful vintage stuff! Happy weekend,
love Maaike

Creative Breathing said...

Becca, You have the most lovely blog! I have so enjoyed going through past posts and so admire your handbags and needlework. Such an inspiring place to visit! Elizabeth

staci said...

What a lovely treasure that mending kit is!

I just love your finish...I haven't seen it before but I may have to look for it (eventually!)