Friday, August 14, 2009

Vintage Friday

I have been wanting to crochet glass jackets for a long time. This spring I found this crochet cotton in my grandma's stuff and recently Jen gave me these crocheted coasters that match the thread and the glasses I bought at the thrift store. It seems things are coming together for me to make my jackets. I have been looking through old patterns that I've collected and also on the web but haven't found one I like. I want to do something very simple and showcase the thread. I am going to keep looking until I find exactly what I want. I know it's out there waiting for me.


CathyR said...

Love your blog...can't wait to read the rest of the entries. What are glass jackets? Little crocheted covers for the glasses I see in photo?

Thanks for stopping in the shop today! I have a lot of "shopping" to do to locate all the wonderful needlework designers we talked about.

Rebecca's Tea House said...

I love crocheted glass jackets! I remember them from when I was a little girl. I also have some vintage glasses in green and yellow....would love to find a pattern for the jackets. Please pass it on...and visit me at . See you soon!