Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Past

 This is my last finish for 2015. I made it in just two days. The fabric is called Twinkle Bright by Anna Griffin.
 I completed the quilt in two days. I didn't have any pattern in mind and actually spent more time looking for ideas than I did working on the quilt. I just wanted to get in done. I had been moving the fabric around in the attic for years and it was finally time to use it.
Gold sparkle has never been my favorite but this fabric was pulling at my heart. I just kept looking at it. I love retro Christmas fabric, however, this time I felt different, almost sad. It was a reminder of how much Christmas has changed. It used to be that we never even talked about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. That was when the first Christmas commercial aired on t.v. It was always the Norelco ads. Then we would start to learn songs in school and at Sunday School. The catalogs would be in the mail and I would spend hours looking through the pages at the new Barbie things, trying to decide what I wanted most. The stores would decorated and soon after that lights could be put on the windows. We would make paper chains to hang on the tree and around the doorways. Construction paper bells and trees would be taped to the living room window. We would go to one tree lot a week before Christmas to get the tree and put it up the same day. It was so exciting! And simple. One program at school and one program at church. We were entertained by driving around looking at the lights.
Christmas is different now. Not just because I'm an adult but because the world has changed so much. I think we have lost something, this is what makes me sad. I don't know how to get it back. I know I want to somehow try.

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