Friday, December 18, 2009

Vintage Friday

This week I went with my Bible Study ladies to sing at a home for Seniors. We used these song books from 1938. We had borrowed them from our choir director at church. I fell in love with the book and asked her if I could keep one. She said yes, that no one used them anymore because they were so old. My family is caroling on Christmas Eve so I was able to borrow more books for us to use that night.
When I was a little girl all the children in my family would carol around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. I don't think we used any books, we just sang from memory. This book is a lot older than I am but I can imagine my mother using a book like this in her Sunday School class to sing Christmas Carols.

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Joyful said...


I visited several of your blogs - like your sense of humor and also appreciate that you love the Lord. I too am from the Chicago area - Wheaton. Visited there over Thanksgiving for my sister's wedding. I am also over 50.

I would like to invite you to my website as nearly all the designs feature Bible verses. There is a free design that has blessed many called, "His Name is Jesus".

Keep being a "Light".