Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crochet or Cross-stitch?

I got a little side-tracked from my "summer to-do list" this past week. I was looking for vintage crochet patterns to make glass jackets and I found this pattern. It was originally a crocheted doily pattern but it looked like cross stitch to me. I don't know what the fabric is, I found this piece in my stash. I used one strand Splendor silk over two threads. This was so much fun, I think I found a new addiction. I have my next pattern already picked out. I just need to find a piece of fabric.


Cindy F. said...

Oh wow! How pretty AND creative!
I never thought about using crochet patterns for cross stitch patterns!
Great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - and so I came visit yours and OH.MY.... what a lot of sweetness overhere!!! You're a real textile artist!