Monday, February 23, 2009

Another finish

Another finished project by Blackbird Designs. I made this as a model for a local cross stitch store. I used the linen and fibers called for. I was even able to fill it with crushed walnut shells that I picked up last year at Quilt Festival. I am very happy with the results and I am looking forward to bringing it home in the future.
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staci said...

You've done a fabulous job with this BBD. It's absolutely perfectly finished!!!

Erynne said...

Wonderful finish & stitching Becca! Crushed walnuts shells eh?! I learn something new everyday by reading blogs..ty!

Margaret said...

Hello there
I have just been introduced to your blog and love your work so I will be dropping by often

Gabi said...

Beautiful finish. Never thought about crushed walnut shells. Marvelous idea.

Denise said...

Just a note about the crushed walnut can buy a large bag at pet stores (such as Pet Smart). This is used in bird
& hamster cages, but it is exactly
the same thing sold at needlework
The one I bought was:
Kaytee Walnut Litter, 7 lb. for
about $10 (this will do many projects!).
Don't be confused by 'crushed walnut shells' -- this is very fine, almost like cornmeal. It works great in small pillows, pin cushions, etc. It has the feel of
a 'bean bag'.

Cindy F. said...

Just found your blog through Staci's post today! Great place and beautiful stitching! I'll be back;)